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Calculating payroll and personnel administration

In addition to routine payroll processing, which almost any payroll office is able to provide, we offer the possibility of processing secret wages. This service is now more in demand and is becoming quite natural, since the amount of remuneration for work is a relationship between the employer and the specific employee, it is not public information. It turned out that in the companies where this system is in place, hostility and disputes between employees and managers over the amount of work done and the corresponding remuneration for it were completely eradicated.

Wages are manager's concern and not a topic of discussion among employees. We have worked out the methodical and practical processing of the secret wages to the smallest detail so that even the accountants, who are responsible for accounting of labor costs, are not able to recognize the wages of individual employees. Especially for companies with a large number of employees we recommend handling wages for management secretly and separately.

Payroll processing mainly includes:

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